TGIF! Apr 14 2017


Welcome back to those who traveled last week.  April finds the Imagine! team continuing to write (or perhaps, “assemble”!) our charter application.  We are also working on our community and business outreach; we had a very positive meeting with the Chamber of Commerce late last month, and we are now planning a dialogue session with local business leaders for early May.  Like the spring flowers, our seeds are starting to sprout!!

A couple good links from the last two weeks:

It’s more than “Hands-On Learning”

As more schools are experimenting with alternatives to the traditional lecture, you hear more about “projects” and “hands-on” learning.  But it’s important to look closely because not all project-based learning is created equal!  For example, is the work open-ended or closed? In the real world, there is almost always more than one way to do something.  Does the work make a difference in some way? In the real world, work meets a need – for the individual doing it or for someone else. If the “project” gets thrown out once completed, it was probably just an assignment in projects-clothing.  From this older MindShift piece:

You can have students do laboratories and hands-on activities and learn nothing, because they are following the cookbook and going through the motions without having their brains on. The word ‘hands-on’ is overused and abused.

Learning in an Atmosphere of Self-Discovery

From Education ReImagined, this 9th graders’ reflection on the transition from a traditionally-taught school to a learner-centered environment, and how the latter better prepares her for life outside of school:

Outside of the classroom, I won’t just wait around for someone to teach me how to do every job I need to perform and then memorize it. I will have to learn to work with people collaboratively that are very different than me and come up with fresh ideas on a daily basis. Pike Road School has helped me realize this need and continues shaping me to be successful in the real world. Even though I’m still coming out of the shell that was created in my previous schools, I’m excited to see what’s to come during the rest of my time at PRS. I can’t wait to discover who I will become!

 In closing….

Thanks for your continued support, Likes, Shares, and conversations.  Happy Easter!