TGIF! Dec 15 2017


It’s sure looking like Christmastime outside – so we’re sharing an awesome present from our friends at Most Likely To Succeed!

The question everyone’s been asking

After we hosted a screening of the education innovation documentary Most Likely To Succeed (trailer here) in Grand Haven back in 2016, both people who attended and those would couldn’t have asked, “Where can I rent or stream this movie?” Until now, the answer to that was “Nowhere.”  (Well, I shouldn’t say that.  If you wanted to pay the $395 screening fee just to watch in in your own living room, I suppose you could… but most of us wouldn’t.) Well, that’s going to change – yup, Most Likely To Succeed is coming to your living room, for FREE, for a very limited time.

Why are they offering to stream the film now?

In short, after a 2-year run most schools and organizations who are interested and capable of hosting a public screening have, and most people who have sought out the film have had the opportunity to see it. Since the point of the film is to spark conversation and interest in a different way of educating our kids for the 21st century (particularly at the high school level), it’s time to move the conversation into more intimate spaces and reach more people. From the flimmakers:

Many ask why the film isn’t on Netflix, iTunes, etc.  Well, its purpose is to spark community discussion and bring people together in the aspirational goal of helping their school. To make it easier for people to see, though, we’ll soon be launching a Committee of Ten (C10) offering, letting anyone rent the film for a modest price and share it with up to nine colleagues.  The idea?  Use MLTS to spark discussion and help assemble your own C10 to turbo-charge progress in your community.

Here’s the best part:

As a thank you for all you’re doing to advance education, I’d like to offer you early access to our C10 offering.  Over the holidays, you and your family can watch Most Likely to Succeed at no charge.  Also, you can share your link with up to nine others, and get your own Committee of Ten off to a running start to make 2018 extraordinary for your community.

Here’s how to host your own screening for friends and family this December.

#1. Fill out this form to register for a streaming link to the film.

#2. Pick a day and time to gather friends and family together – between December 16 and January 2 – to watch the film.  (Consider inviting at least one person who might not know about Imagine! West Michigan!)

#3. Watch the film together, and discuss!

#4. Share!  Encourage your guests to share the link with others (up to 9 people total, valid only through January 2), and if they want to know what’s happening here in West Michigan, point them to Imagine’s Facebook page or website or just forward them a TGIF!

#5. Give us feedback.  Whether your group was large or small, please take a moment to fill out this short survey and let us at Imagine! West Michigan know how it went!


In closing….

Don’t miss this exciting opportunity!  I’m looking forward to watching the film again, and I’m already trying to figure out who to invite to my own viewing party!