TGIF! Feb 16 2018

Dear Constant Readers (hat tip, SK):

We’ve made some amazing strides towards opening a truly innovative learner-centered high school this fall.  We have a clear vision, a proven model, interest from authorizers, and enthusiastic parents and students – and that is awesome.

But we don’t have a school facility, and we don’t have enough money to open.

Let me be clear – I’m not just saying that we aren’t ready to open this fall. I’m saying that I don’t at present see a way to open the school, period.  I have been working on this dream for three years; the last two years full time (and unpaid).  I promise you, I remain as passionately dedicated to Imagine today as I was at the beginning.  But if I’m brutally honest with myself, I know we haven’t made sufficient progress towards a facility or raising startup funds.   We’ve run down a lot of promising but ultimately dead ends, and while there may be paths we haven’t tried yet, I know I’ve exhausted my skills and resources, and that of our small board of directors.

I am incredibly thankful to have had the opportunity to go on this amazing journey.  Your stories, your needs, your dreams for your kids and our community have touched my heart.  The students and teachers I got to meet who are doing this kind of education were inspirational and will impact me forever.  No law, no regulation stands in the way of changing the high school experience in way that quite frankly could change the world.  I couldn’t pull together the resources to do it from scratch. But the only thing stopping everybody else is the curse of “how we’ve always done things”.  You’ve seen a better way.  Keep fighting for it, wherever you end up.

In humble gratitude,



“In a gentle way, you can shake the world.” – Mahatma Gandhi


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