TGIF! Jan 12 2018


 This week we are going back and forth with the state regarding fire safety inspections on our potential location.  More news once we have something definitive to share.  Keep those fingers and toes crossed for us!

Here are a couple of stories we highlighted on our Facebook page this week:

Real World Contributions

We’ve featured Idaho’s One Stone before, but this story highlights how their students are leading design thinking sessions for local businesses – and totally holding their own teaching adults twice their age.

“There is no longer a ‘gentleman’s C’”

Edutopic highlights examples from around the US that we may be seeing the end of 100 years of letter grading.  Transcripts are starting to change, and this move to competency-based learning “gets kids focused on doing their personal best on meeting or exceeding standards rather than getting a better grade than the kid next to them.”

In closing….

Thanks for your continued interest and support.  As we roll into 2018, is there something you’d like to see us write about in a future TGIF?   Hit “reply” and give me your suggestion!


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