TGIF! Dec 22 2017


As we draw 2017 to a close and welcome 2018, I would like to extend my appreciation to each and every one of you, for your role – large or small – in Imagine! West Michigan’s high school initiative thus far.  I hope you’ve found these weekly TGIF emails informative and interesting, and most of all I hope they’ve helped you to think more deeply about what you value and hope for in the education of your children, grandchildren, students, future colleagues, and fellow citizens.  Are you a more recent subscriber? Check out our blog archive.


Surprising insights from Google:

The ultimate data company crunches the data… and finds 7 of the 8 top characteristics of success at Google are soft skills. STEM expertise comes in dead last.

Read more here: The Surprising Thing Google Learned About its Employees and What it Means for Today’s Students


From Tacoma, WA:

The learning setting was breathtaking — so much so that I wondered why we visited a [high] school that could not be replicated even within Tacoma, let alone in other communities. I urged my tour guide, a sophomore girl with an interest in engineering and a passion for robotics, to tell me what made this school special beyond the setting. She didn’t miss a beat. The real differences to her were the structure and the staff.

  • Students are trusted: They move freely between buildings across the park following individually designed schedules.

  • Known: Incoming freshmen join a multi-grade advisory group of about 20 students who meet weekly with their sponsor and stay together throughout high school.

  • Supported: They can schedule time to talk with any teacher about any topic, personal or academic.

  • Challenged: Encouraged to find their passion and then pushed to explore it and master it.

  • Accepted: By their peers and the staff, for who they are.

  • Held accountable: But forgiven when they make mistakes.

Read more here: Educating the Whole Child Isn’t Just Jargon – Here’s How It’s Done


See you in 2018!


from all of use at Imagine! West Michigan.  Our weekly newsletter resumes January 5th!

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