TGIF! Nov 17 2017


In six days, we’ll sit down for turkey, feasting, and thanks-giving.  I am truly grateful to you for your continued support.  2 ½ years ago, Imagine! was just a crazy idea I just couldn’t bat aside.  But today, when I look at the names of our future ninth graders, or when I drive by the place I hope we’ll call home next year, it’s already so much more.  And it’s each of you that has made that possible – if you didn’t want (need!) this school, it would have remained just an idea.  A good friend said the other day, “It’s no longer ‘build it and they will come’ – they’re coming, and you’ve got to build it.”  Mission accepted.

Enrollment interest

Speaking of that list of future ninth graders – if you have a son our daughter considering Imagine! for next year (as a 9th or 10th grader only), and you haven’t filled out our enrollment interest form, please go to to make sure we have you on our list.


Education Reimagined kicked off their annual conference for learner-centered education, SparkHouse, yesterday in Washington, DC.  Lots of Big Picture Learning students representing!  Checkout the tweetstorm that ensued on the question of “what makes an environment learner-centered?”  Adults have so many filters, so many models they (over)use to try and define these things.  The kids’ answers were pure.

What if I like structure?

Here was another great question mentioned during this event’s Facebook Live recap – “What if a kid sees school-centered education as the way they enjoy learning? What if they like the structure and the subject-by-subject nature of it?”  I hear this often, too, from parents – but the beauty of a learner-centered environment is the inherent choice: you have a choice to learn in the way that works for you.  If you like a lot of structure, you’ll learn to set up a structure for yourself. If you like more traditional learning methods, you’ll learn how to figure out where to access them. But learning to take ownership of your own learning is a skill that will be yours for the rest of your life.

Learning Links

Why wait to learn and do? (video clip):

On communicating better with your teenager –


In closing….

No TGIF next week.  Wishing you a joyous Thanksgiving Day with friends and family, and a restful long weekend.


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