TGIF! Aug 25 2017


It’s feeling like fall!  Are you eager or anxious for the return of school days?

Did you enjoy Teacher Tom’s musings last week?

Another of his quotes to get you thinking:

Education “reformers” have it backwards. They look at middle schools and high schools and see children struggling, hating school, so they are seeking to make our preschools and elementary schools more like middle school and high school to get the children “ready.” It should be the other way around: we should be trying to make the middle school and high school experience more like what we find in early years. It’s not our job to make kids school ready, it’s our job to make schools ready for kids.

Examples from the spectrum of personalized learning

How do you view personalized learning?  Is it about moving at your own speed? Meet each learner’s needs in terms of supports? Is it about choice in when, where, and with whom to learn? How much does it include personalizing what to learn?  Check out this chart from Getting Smart:

3 axis of learning design

We’ve been having a little informal poll on Facebook today around this image:


The question was, which word is most important?  The full article I clipped this from is here, and I’ll reveal my answer to this (kind of a trick) question:  I think the most important word is EACH.  Yup, in the little thought bubble.  While the graph is a great visual of understanding the progression along each dimension, I think the most important thing to remember is that it’s about understanding where each unique student is.

In closing….

Thanks for reading, friends.  Enjoy the last full week of summer vacation!


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