TGIF! May 19 2017


Happy Friday morning!

I hope to see you THIS Wednesday (May 24) at Loutit District Library in Grand Haven, 6:30pm in Program Room A, to share more about our school with you and to hear your feedback!  Please contact me with any questions about this event.

Help Promote!

If you belong to any parent, school, or social groups please share our Facebook event! We would love to see some new faces next week as well as our loyal TGIF supporters. J

Why to How: Part IV

To recap: Part 1 – Becoming an adult entails physical maturity, the ability to live independently, and the development of own’s own identity as a person.  Part 2 – The way teenagers construct their adult selves is by trial and error; testing the world and getting feedback. Part 3 – Modern schools ought to recognize this, and provide supportive environments that allow teens to gain this kind of accurate, real-world feedback.

So how do we plan to do this?

The first key is student ownership.  If independence is a goal, then we need to foster it.  That means pushing decisions closer to students and engaging them in the process of how people within organizations make decisions.  Did you read the article last year about the interns who submitted a petition to their employer to change the dress code?  Perfect example of not having any context or experience on how to engage appropriately and as expected in the “real world”.

The second key is related to the first, and that’s the personalization of learning.  The most important decisions young people need to make are those that relate to the forming of their identities – who am I, what do I want to be?  Within the broad graduation requirements (set by the state and required of all public schools), students will have the maximum flexibility to design their Personal Learning Plans (PLPs) to meet their academic and vocational interests and needs.

We’ll unpack the last two keys next week.

 Learning Links

“Finding purpose in life is more challenging today than for previous generations of young people… Just some 20 percent of high school kids can be categorized as purposeful, the rest vary between being motivated but lacking a plan, being active but lacking direction, and being neither active nor forward-thinking.”  [But,] “You can’t write the script of life for your child.”

“Suppose that, instead of just providing personalized pacing, we fully personalized the learning. We abandon the traditional linear curriculum entirely in favor of projects and problems that are meaningful, authentic and interesting to our specific students. Further, we let the students figure out the solutions largely on their own with peers, working in a safe and supportive environment we create.”

In closing….

See you Wednesday evening at 6:30!!


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